For Publishers

If you have a blog, forum, or any other site powered by user generated content, you know how difficult it is to keep up with monetizing that content. BounceLinks will convert those links for you on the fly, allowing you to focus on the things that will really grow your business, such as generating more traffic. BounceLinks is completely transparent to your site visitors, even if it's a link that cannot be converted, they still land on the intended page.

Publisher Benefits:
  • Automatically convert direct links to commissionable links.
  • Keep track of the clicks you could be monetizing but are not.
  • Easy integration with Wordpress, Ning, and more...
  • Easy to use API.

For Merchants

Give your affiliates the tools they need to succeed. BounceLinks allows affiliates to focus on their true differentiator, content, and not the mundane task of generating affiliate links. When making a decision on which affiliate program to promote, affiliates take everything into account. Commission, Conversion, Product availability, and more. But all else being equal, they’ll look to maximize their time by using tools such as BounceLinks, thus giving you the edge on the competition

Merchant Benefits
  • Every affiliate program needs more publishers. Get exposure simply by having your link available, or increase exposure by sponsoring your link.
  • Everyday affiliate managers dedicate time and resources supporting affiliates linking needs. BounceLinks takes that burden off their plate by offering a one stop linking shop for all affiliates links.
  • Use BounceLinks yourself to easily create affiliate links for newsletters and other promotional material.